Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hiya buddy, get off stage

Sunil Gavaskar sent out a strong reminder to newly crowned Champions Trophy winners, Australia: “In India, we respect our elders.”

Gavaskar, who said he was “hurt” to hear about Ricky Ponting tapping BCCI president Pawar to get him off the stage during the Champions Trophy presentation on Sunday, stressed that he was “not amused” over another incident, which showed disrespect to the senior leader, reports Mid-Day.

"I am not amused by one of the Australian players who said, ‘Hiya buddy’ when he went up to receive his medallion from Mr Pawar... Just receive it quietly..."

About the nudging:

"Would they have done such a thing to their prime minister or premier? In India, we are brought up to respect our elders"

~ Sunil Gavaskar

A word to the not so wise Aussies: pride cometh before the fall, mates.